Submission for GameOff  2020

There are 12 levels. 


Left Click - to select satellite

Left Click and Drag - to move satellite

Left/Right/A/D - to rotate satellite

Shift + Left/Right/A/D - to rotate satellite slowly

M - goto main menu

N - skip level


Light up the moon

Recommended to download Windows build and play with headphones for maximum immersion.


Cade Conkle /


SetALight2.0.rar 21 MB


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Amazing yo

Nice game…


From the disco going on in the main menu (spam M), to the weird last level that wasn't easy af at all, this game is a masterpiece. It shows that a great brain must've assisted the dev in the idea and maybe a little graphics of the game. 

Go set the light
Happy playing!


^^WoW this guys is the most famous beta tester out there!! AM EDucated VEGtable you are a lucky man..


indeed indeed indeed indeed.

For other game devs out there looking for a beta tester, keep it in mind this one is taken.

"Though he might sell out for money who knows"

Who knows

Potential poachers keep in mind, I like TANKS GEESE & WEIRD GOLF.

(I'll stop advertising my services now)

I can also 3d model for you

Dev here


  • If you spam "N" to skip levels the satellites might not respond anymore in such case reload game (i'll say it is a feature to stop people from rushing past without trying ;) )