Devlog 1.0

"I need enhancement..!"

Ninja I_N_O_E

So to stick to the theme of "Enhance". The first thing that came to mind was of course protagonist enhancements. I choose to go with enhancing the protagonist in a platformer environment.  The idea was the handicap the player until certain goals had been achieved.

Level Design

I won't talk much about the implementation itself, as it was rather simple. Lets talk game design!

I like the idea of having the player figure out the game as they go along without any textual clues rather visual aids and the game assisting them. 

Teaching through constraint => By limiting the player to only move left they would inevitably fall upon a star and then be blocked by a platform and then they will try going right  which now works. this taught them how stars work.

player blocked after getting "left star

Showing next goal => As I constructed this as a single screen level. It had branching paths and players could get lost with having no idea where to go further. This is why whenever they player gets a star they are shown a glimpse of the next one. Here player is getting the jump star while they are shown the next star.

player being shown "wall jump star"

Immediate action => as soon as a new perk is acquired the level is setup so that the player does end up using it. As in above they player falls into a ditch while getting jump star and learns that jumping is now unlocked.

Post Submission

Had other mechanic in mind like dash, roll, wall grab, attacks,  pushing objects, which could not be implemented due to time constraint(I joined the jam in the last 2 days... exams am I right).

Might take this project further by following the initial plan which was more open to player choices. The Enhancement perks were to be given as currency and the player could spend them on anything.  The goal being to build such a robust system that would have no edge cases rather player could stack only one perk if they wanted to. Say they put all perks in jump then they would still be able to jump sky high without the game breaking. To counter this there could be a rule that each additional point on single perk would give a percentage less benefit.

Anyways hope you had some fun while playing. Cheers!

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